Yizhuo Irina Li

For October 28-November 1, 2019 The IEA welcomed, Yizhuo Irina Li as our Schein-Joseph Endowment supported, Researcher in Residence. Much of Yizhuo’s research was original research based on first person interviews with faculty and staff. Yizhuo met with Contemporary/ Media-Art Historian, James Hansen for a discussion on SUNY Binghamton cinema artists, Assistant Professor Eric Souther on the topic of artist video-tool-building in New York state, and Dean Gerar Edizel on School of Art and Design program history and developments.

Yizhuo Irina Li met twice with Professor of Video Arts, Peer Bode once at the start of the week discussing possible programming, with Bode sharing reference texts and media art-works. Then at the end of the week Yizhou sat down again with Bode for a formal artists interview. These were highly productive conversations which have resulted in developing curatorial and research projects. Yizhou also did an artist interview with IEA Research Associate, Rebekkah Palov. Lastly Yizhou generously held a discussion on professional development and projects with the EIA MFA Work & Analysis class.

Yizhuo Irina Li is a researcher and curator working in New York. Digital media and socially-engaged art have been the focuses in her directorship of FRESCO Collective, a research-oriented nonprofit organization with active public engagement. Combining academic discussions with accessible programs, Li calls attention to the marginalized fields in contemporary art and advocates for spectators’ direct interchange with artists and scholars. Li graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU with an education background in English literature and psychology at Tsinghua and Heidelberg University.

Yizhuo Irina Li interview with Peer Bode

Yizhuo Irina Li interview with Peer Bode

Peer Bode shares ETC: Experimental Television Center 1969-2009 5-DVD Anthology and Ralph Hocking, Video Works DVD with Yizhuo Irina Li

Yizhuo Irina Li interview with Peer Bode

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