Facilities available for Artists in Residence

Large Format Printing Facility:

• Agfa SelectSet Avantra 25S, 3600dpi, 18” x 25”, imagesetter with stocastic screening
• Canon iPF6400 24” wide-format printer
• Canon iPF8400 44” wide-format printer
• Canon iPF9400 60″ wide-format printer
• Canon Pro-4000 44” wide-format Printer
• Epilog Legend 36EXT Laser etcher/cutter
• Takach-Garfield Press – Bed Size 42” x 72” and 34” x 57,”
• Stienmesse and Stolberg Flatbed Offset Press 26×34″
• 2 X Takach Etching Presses – Bed Sizes 84” x 43” and 72” x 40”
• Inventory of Lithographic Stones up to 24” x 40”
• 2 X Large sets of Viscosity Inking Rollers
• 6 X Large Diameter Inking Rollers
• Large assortment of Hand Brayers and Rollers
• NU-ARC Plate-Exposing unit – 30” x 40”
• Silkscreen Stations
• Silkscreen Exposing Unit – 36” x 48”
• Sterling Digibinder Plus – Perfect Binder
• Graphtech CE-6000-60 Vinyl Cutter
• 2 X Charles Brand Etching Presses – 30” x 50” and 28” x 50”

Epson Printer Room, Including Epson 7900, 9900, 11880, Agfa Imagesetter, Disc Copier (not pictured), and Disc Printer (not pictured)Main IEA Space, including EverSmart Pro Scanner and Iris Drum PrinterPrint being taken off of Iris Printer by IEA Co-Director Joseph Scheer and IEA Research Associate Devin Henry
Silk Screen Printing FacilityGlass Top Inking TablesPlatemaker Exposing UnitEtching PressesLithography PressStone Litho BlocksInk rollersA.B. Dick Offset Production Press

Video Post Production, Interactive, and Imaging Studio:

• Adobe CC Master Collection
• Max 7, Ableton Live Suite 9 with Max for Live
• Mac OS X MacPro workstations with 27″ monitor
• Arduino interactive systems
• Canon XF-105 and XF-100 HD video cameras
• BlackMagicDesign Pocket Cinema Camera HD
• Creo EverSmart Pro flatbed tabloid scanner, 2540ppi max resolution
• Creo EverSmart Supreme tabloid flatbed scanner 14k optical resolution
• Blu-ray authoring, burning, and playback
• Sony 40”, 52″ and 70” LCD flat panel displays with WD and BrightSign media players
• Sony 49” and 56” 4K LCD flat panel displays
• RME Fireface UFX
• Blackmagic Design SuperDeck Studio Pro
• Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K
• Panisonic 4K HC-VX981 Video Cameras
• Stanton T.92 digital turntable
• Creo iQsmart3 Scanner
• Canon EOS 5d Mark III DSLR camera
• Sherwood and Marantz SR5006 5.1 Surround Sound Systems
with Velodyne subwoofers
• BenQ W6000, MP891, 1085ST, and HT1075 HD and a Canon WUX6000 projector

Smart Wall Media Showcase:

• 70” and 63” Sony 4K LCD monitors
• 70” Sony HD LCD monitor
• HD DLP projectors
• Mac Mini and macPro Intel Systems for media installations
• Multi-channel 27″ digital displays

Division of Expanded Media – Video and Sonic Arts Studios

Available by prior request. Extended access in summer and scheduled access during the academic year.

Sonic Arts Studio:

• Mac OS X Intel MacPro workstations with 27″ monitor
• RME Multiface II 96k24b, 8×8 analog I/O, digital I/O DSP audio interface
• Marantz SR5006 Surround Amplifier
• Monitor Audio surround speakers
• Doepfer – analog synthesizer :
Basic A100 system, Ring Modulator, Frequency Shifter,
Vocoder Envelope Follower and Light to Control Voltage modules
• Alesis Midiverb
• Rane Parametric Equalizer
• ART 31 Band Equalizer
• Sony VP-88 Stereo Mic.
• SoundCraft GB8-32 mixer
• Mackie VLZ-1642 Pro 16-Channel Mixer
• Mackie VLZ-1202 Pro 12-Channel Mixer
• Software: Logic, Audition, GRM Tools ST, Pluggo

Sound Studio SpaceKeyboards Available in Sound StudioSound Processing Equipment Available in Sound Studio28 Channel Soundcraft Mixer Available in Sound Studio

Video Time Media Studio:

• Mac OS X Intel MacPro workstations with 27″ monitor
• Sandin video synthesizer
• Dave Jones Design Video Frame Buffer
• Dave Jones Design Proc Amp
• Time base correctors – ForA, Hotronics
• Alesis Midiverb
• BSG Sync generator
• Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope
• RME Multiface II 96k24b, 8×8 analog I/O, digital I/O DSP audio interface
• Sherwood Surround amplifier
• NAD stereo amplifier
• Tannoy Reveal studio monitor surround speakers
• Tascam tape deck
• Sony PVM 2950 26” monitors
• Ocean Matrix distribution amp
• David Jones MVIP Digital Video Image Processor
• BMD ATEM 4K mixer
• BMD Hyperdeck ProRes recorder
• Canon XF-105 HD studio cameras
• Sony and Panasonic 4K studio cameras
• DMX Dimmer 4 channel
• Software: Logic, Audition, ZBrush, Ableton Live 9 Suite, Poser

Video Processing Equipment Available in Video StudioVideo Processing Equipment Available in Video StudioSandin Video Image Processor Available in Video StudioEights Video Display System Available in Video Studio

Interactive Digital Media Studio:

• Mac OS X Intel MacPro workstations with 27″ monitor
• Copy Camera Animation Stand with Dragon Frame Animation Software
• Kinect Camera
• Trinocular Microscope 100x with digital recording system
• Soldering Station
with fume extractor
• Canon Rebel DSLR Studio camera

Soldering Station in Interactive StudioInteractive Studio SpaceInteractive Studio SpaceAnimation Stand in Interactive Studio Space

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