Sondra Perry

Sondra Perry is back with us this week to finish out her NEA residency. She brought the catalogue for her show Typhoon Coming On at the Serpentine Gallery in London, where the video she worked on in her last residency was debuted. For this residency she is working on generating some new sounds, and trouble shooting some new tools.

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Adele Henderson

This year we are able to offer a few artists two week residencies, and Adele Henderson is our first to have this experience. Adele is a printmaker and educator from Buffalo, who in her stay will us was able to make 11 editions and over 95 prints for two of her series Things To Do After I am Dead and Red List. She worked with both laser woodblocks and photo polymer plates, and used a variety of paper including paper from our Xuan paper project.

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We welcomed the collaborative team of Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero, known as Luftwerk from Chicago, IL, for a two week long residency. This was their second time doing a residency with us, and as with their first residency they continued to push the boundaries between moving image and print. They made a series of digital gradient prints on Xuan paper that move when shown with a color changing LED, and a series of polymer plate prints. They were also able to finish 7 hand-bound accordion books, and one laser etched booked.

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Barbara Madsen

Barbara Madsen is an artist and Associate Professor at Mason Gross School of the Arts. Madsen is known for her work in photography, print, sculpture, and installation. Her vast collections of industrial matter — spark plugs, machine parts, welding masks, light switches, rubber, plastic, prosthetics, artificial eyes, and much more – serve as the stimulus for the work. Her art employs the tropes of modernism, popular culture and objects that are consumed and discarded.Post September 11th, Madsen’s anti-bigotry billboard, “Eye 4 Eye = Blind,” was raised above buildings in Jersey City and “Revenge Never Ends” was pasted behind NJPAC in Newark.  In 2004 she was awarded a Puffin Foundation Fellowship for three banners in Washington D.C. Madsen’s banner of the smiley face with its mouth wide open, like Munch’s scream and gas mask, was hoisted over the façade of the Corcoran Museum of Art at 1661 Pennsylvania Avenue, across the lawn from the White House.

Her solo exhibtions include the New York Public Library, Pratt Institute, Tyler School of Art, Millersville University, St. Lawrence University, Miami University, University of Delaware, Palacky University-CZ, Graficki Collective-Serbia, Scuolal Internazionale di Grafica-Venice, ULUS Gallery-Serbia, Edinburgh Print Gallery-Scotland. Madsen designed the set for Leopold and Loeb at the Lowry Lab Theater in Minneapolis. Madsen has had over 100 national group exhibitions including the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC and internatioanlly in Japan, China, Belgium, France, Spain, Serbia, Germany, Poland, India, United Arab Emirates.

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Kabi Raj Lama

Kabi Raj Lama is an Artist from Kathmandu Nepal. He is known for his large-scale Woodcuts and Lithographic works. As a resident of Boudha and living close to the sacred Boudhanath Stupa, he was inspired by the strong cultural and spiritual environment.  He believes that printing genre matches his creative tendencies, allows his emotions to easily transmit onto chemicals, ink, stone surface and paper. His recent works are bold and independent with brush movements creating raw strokes revealing the swift tendency he has developed in printmaking. He likes the idea of preparing the plates without any plans, not knowing its end result. The scale, speed and colors of these imprinted strokes speak the language of his inner motions. Kabi’s work has been exhibited internationally and he has been an Artist in Residence in Japan, China, Germany.

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Judith Martinez Estrada

Judith is a visiting scholar from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where she is a candidate for an MPhil degree. Her studio practice deals with memory, and is centered around her families’ ancestral home in Barcelona.

While here Judith archived over 100 family photos and objects using our new Canon 5D R-S DSLR and our large format high-resolution scanner. She turned these into a large series of digital, wood block and fabric prints to be exhibited in Australia and Spain.

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Dave Jones

Dave Jones is famous for the work he has done building analog systems for video synthesizing, syncing, and a myriad of other media systems. However, this week he came to do a print residency with us where we began to scan, and catalogue the system diagrams that he uses to build his electronics. Dave then cleaned up the scans and turned them into large format digital prints. Along with his diagrams we also scanned several boxes of historic slides that Dave began to manipulate into stereoscopic prints.

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Adam Werth

This week we had Rochester printmaker Adam Werth joining us for a week long residency where he really put our facilities to the test. Adam used his tradition printmaking background and combined it with the new technologies at the IEA to create aquatint plates using a polymer spray on zinc and then engraving the image with our laser. He also spent time creating a large body of new work with our digital printer, and chose to really play with the intense colors that are created from purely digital imagery.

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Phillip Stearns

We were lucky to have Phillip Stearns with us this week. Phillip produces both physical and intangible works, performances, and experiences using electronic media. His practice spans several disciplines from creative coding and physical computing to interactive light and sound installations, computational weaving to performances using light and sound.

During his residency here Phillip experimented with multiple processes including metal patinas that he attempted to etch with our laser cutter.

Here are a few images from his residency, he also did an Instagram takeover to document his process that you can see by following us @alfred_iea.

Quick results with vinegar and different salts. Boric acid is strong stuff!

Combining two projects – Visualizing conflict zones with Z-fighting from “Year of the glitch” and DEM imagery I started working with during my residency at @hsduesseldorf earlier this year.

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